Circuit Civil Cases

Civil cases settled in Florida Circuit Courts are time-consuming and expensive. Trials pit disputing parties against one another and in many cases, ruin personal and professional relationships that could have otherwise been salvaged. There is a better way and if you are hoping to resolve a civil case for less expense and in a more efficient manner, mediation can help.

The Mediators at Select Mediation, LLC are experienced Florida mediators. They have found the majority of their mediations are settled within hours and allow for solutions that are specifically designed for each situation. Mediation offers a solution that preserves valuable relationships and makes it possible for disputing parties to move forward together. The process is confidential and anything discussed during mediation cannot be used at a courtroom trial, in the rare event mediation is unsuccessful.

Mediation offers flexibility throughout the process that is not an option when disputes are settled in a Florida courtroom. From the date and location of the mediation, to the specific details of the resolution, every step of the process is specifically suited to the circumstances.

If you are involved in a civil dispute and you are hoping to settle it outside of the courtroom, Select Mediation, LLC can help. To learn more about the Mediator’s experience and their approach as a mediator, or to schedule a consultation, contact Select Mediation, LLC at 321.269.6900 or by email at