People generally consider using mediation to deal with a dispute to avoid a lawsuit or terminate legal proceedings because compared to a lawsuit, mediation is a faster, more confidential, and a less expensive way to deal with conflict. --- FREE CONSULTATION CALL 321-269-6900
Mediation offers important benefits to the parties. It provides fast, creative, mutually satisfactory resolutions. Many disputes arise out of a failure by either party or both parties to communicate, understand or consider the needs and interests of the other. People fix their attention on the question, "Who is right and who is wrong?" and become blind to the possibility that both may have a legitimate point of view. The mediator's task is to open communications between them about the reasons for the positions they have taken with each other, helping both parties to understand as fully as possible their own and the other's view of the situation.
Cost Effective:
Mediation costs less than a lawsuit and avoids the uncertainty of a judicial outcome. Legal representation is optional, but not required. Anyone that has been through traditional, contested litigation will tell you that the fees can become excessive. The pressure of paying such large attorney fees and costs, can produce additional stress, which can aggravate the already stressful situation at hand. Mediation is a favorable dispute resolution alternative that can reduce the financial burden for both parties.
Mediation can be much faster than litigation which can takes months, and possibly years. Mediation can be completed in weeks since the parties control the schedule.
Mediation is confidential and private between the parties. Mediation keeps the issues and finances between the parties, and that information will not be announced in open court, or available in a public records search.
Maintain Relationships:
Mediation fosters mutual respect through improved communication, and can mend and preserve relationship even when the parties are extremely hurt and angry.
Design your own solution:
A neutral third party assists the parties in reaching a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation can resolve all issues important to the parties, not just the underlying legal dispute.
SELECT MEDIATION, LLC Mediation is appropriate when parties have given up on negotiating a settlement directly with one another, or their counsel have attempted to negotiate the matter and have reached a deadlock; and the parties hope to resolve the matter in a process that is less painful and more efficient than litigation.