Foreclosure Mediation

Mediation is an effective tool for bringing foreclosure disputes to a resolution. Foreclosure occurs when a homeowner is unable to make mortgage payments and the lender threatens to take ownership of the home, forcing the homeowner to move out. The situation is not ideal for either party, but all too often the situation escalates to this point. Luckily, there might be another option. Depending on the specific circumstances, mediation could offer an alternative to help you stop foreclosure proceedings in Florida.Read More

Circuit Civil Cases

Civil cases settled in Florida Circuit Courts are time-consuming and expensive. Trials pit disputing parties against one another and in many cases, ruin personal and professional relationships that could have otherwise been salvaged. There is a better way and if you are hoping to resolve a civil case for less expense and in a more efficient manner, mediation can help. The Mediators at Select Mediation, LLC are experienced Florida mediators. They have found the majority of their mediations are settled within hours and allow for solutions that are specifically designed for each situation.Read More

Appellate Cases

Mediation of appellate cases can save individuals involved a great deal of time and money. Despite an unsatisfactory court ruling, appealing is not always the preferred solution. In these instances appellate mediation could be the best possible resolution. Appellate mediation is different than traditional mediation. It requires the support of a mediator who understands the judicial process, as well as the specific issue at hand. Appeals are made on the basis of the trial proceedings – not just whether the verdict was right or wrong.Read More

Family Cases

Mediation can be especially effective for settling family legal disputes for a variety of reasons. Emotions are at the heart of most family cases and are better resolved through a process that addresses these emotions. Litigation offers a resolution, but it fails to address the variety of details that led to the dispute. This means despite the dispute have a conclusion, everyone in the family could walk away from the dispute unhappy with the outcome. The mediation process brings family members together to address the issue at hand.Read More